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Our Gift To You Service Voucher

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The perfect gift to any man is a Service Voucher at The Gentlemans Retreat

When they are tricky to buy for, our Service Vouchers are perfect present for the man in your life who likes to look great! Our vouchers are valid at The Gentlemans Retreat Barbershops Bawtry. You can give the gift of a great hair cut, a luxurious hot towel wet shave, the “works” or let them choose for themselves.

All service vouchers will be posted next working day, recorded delivery and will require a signature. Digital copies will not be accepted and only physical service vouchers will be. 



What is the minimum and maximum value which can be put on a service voucher?

The minimum amount you can have on a service voucher is £30.00 and maximum is £300.00. You can choose the value you wish to buy online. 

How long does a service voucher last?

Balances are valid for 6 months following the initial purchase.

Can i buy a service voucher in store?

Yes, you can purchase a service voucher in The Gentlemans Retreat.

Can i buy a service voucher online?

Yes, you can buy a service voucher online. The minimum amount is £30.00 and maximum is £300.00. Service vouchers are only redeemed in-store. The value is in GB pounds sterling and can not be exchanged for monetary value.

Can i check the balance of my service voucher?

Yes, you can check your balance at our store.

What do I do if I've lost my service voucher?

Unfortunately, we cannot replace any lost service vouchers. The service voucher should be treated as cash. Any remaining balance on lost service vouchers will unfortunately be lost. However, if you have an original service voucher receipt and know the card number, you can contact us and we will block that voucher as lost and if enough information is provided to trace the card balance and confirm ownership of the voucher without doubt, we may (only when 100% satisfied with ownership checks) transfer the remaining balance onto a new card.

What happens if my service voucher doesn't work?

In rare instances, service vouchers may sometimes not work. These are two main reasons:

  1. Your service voucher may have expired. We cannot accept expired service vouchers, unless in exceptional circumstances (pre approved from management will be required). Such exceptional approval can only be offered in cases where the expiration date is a few days.
  2. Potentially, the services voucher can become damaged which prevents the till from reading the information on the voucher. If sufficient information is provided, someone should be able to help you to transfer to a new card.

Do the service vouchers expire and what happens if my service voucher does expire?

Service vouchers are valid for 6 months. If a service voucher expires then any remaining balance will be lost and the card will be considered as 'no longer in use'.

Can you deliver a service voucher by post?

All service vouchers will be posted next working day, tracked and will require a signature. Postage will be added at £3.95.